Why Repairing Your Own Garage Door Spring Is Not a DIY Project

Replacing garage spring

If you have a broken spring on your garage door, you may be tempted to repair it on your own. However, there are several reasons why this is never a good idea.

Extreme tension equals serious danger

Garage door springs secure the counterweight system, which connects the bottom hinge on the door to the cable that lifts it and the steel tube housing for the spring. The tension on this system is around the same as the weight of the door, which includes:

  • Around 125 pounds for a single door
  • Around 225 pounds for a double door
  • Up to 15 pounds for each window

Losing your grip, or making even a single false move can cause serious injury to your hands or face.

Rebounding dangers

You might think that you can handle half the weight of the door if only one spring is broken. However, that is still considerable weight, and it may be too much for you by yourself. You will have to be able to balance the springs correctly. If the balance is off, or something slips, the door can rebound and cause significant injury and even damage the door, resulting in additional costs.

Openers don’t provide support

Many believe that the garage door opener is designed to support the entire weight of the door, but this is false. The opener only provides around as much support as you would if you opened the door using one hand. You have to consider that a balanced door, which is what the opener is designed to handle, only weighs between eight and ten pounds. Attempting to rely on the garage door opener to provide the additional support that is needed can lead to breakage and injury if it lets go while you are working.

Licensed professionals are the best option

Repairing the spring on a garage door requires experience, knowledge, and expertise. The professionals at A‑ Overhead Door Systems know exactly how to account for the weight of the door, as well as any additional parts and windows, to ensure that the entire process in handled correctly. Our technicians arrive with the proper tools and parts needed to do the repair as efficiently and safely as possible. Additionally, they will provide a tune-up of the garage door at the same time to keep things working smoothly.

Don’t take the risk of trying to do repairs on your own – call the professionals at 978-342-3344 to make sure they are done properly, and guaranteed.

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