Wall-Mounted Door Openers…Are They a Good Idea?

What is a wall-mounted garage door opener?

Whether you are building a new garage or updating an old one, you really want to use that space above the garage door. Unfortunately, you know the classic door opener is not going to allow you access to it…Is there some alternative that would let you have your way?

Actually, there is, and it is what many refer to as the “other” option in garage door openers. Using less space and just as easy to install, it could be your answer.

Rather than being set above the door, hogging all of that lovely storage space, it is installed beside the door, and this means it can still open the door, but without all of the bulky gear overhead.

Used in some buildings with “cathedral” ceilings, this wall mounted unit is ideal for properties with ceiling heights of 10 ft. (3 m), or for those who live in townhouses and put a premium on storage space. The vast majority of doors are around 8 feet in high, or a bit taller, but their garages lose space because the door openers are centrally mounted. This is the trolley style, but you can retake all of that space overhead if you us the Jackshaft style openers, made for doors 16 ¼” high by 6″ wide by 6 ¾” deep (41 cm X 15 cm X 17 cm).

Apples to apples

Before you worry that Jackshaft door is without all of the safety features of traditional trolley doors, don’t. This is because it too will have the photoelectric reversal system, work with a remote control, and rely on the Security+ 2.0 that eliminates rolling codes that can be so easily intercepted and used to illegally enter your home. It will also have the three-button wall panels and even backup batteries. Even more exciting is that the wall mounted design will also have MyQ technology options which allow you to control the door anywhere, from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Typically it is suggested for those with a garage floor‑to‑ceiling distance of 10 ft (3m) or more, or with garage doors of at least 7 ft. (2.1m) in total height. It is also ideal for those with cathedral ceilings who do not want tracks mounted to the slope. Yet, it is not always the perfect solution.

One of the requirements is that the motor unit is installed at least 2 ft or 61cm from the garage ceiling, and it will use extremely long L-brackets. The various pieces are mounted with slotted steel angles, also extremely long, and because of their size and designs, these two mounts can become loose and leave the system unstable.

The limitations of the wall mounted style

There are two issues to consider if you are investigating this as your opener:

1. Is there enough space? You need at least 8 inches (20 cm), on one side of the door.

2. Technically, should you have springs over the door header (known as torsion hardware), you will also need a solid shaft for those springs, and this is inset into the housing of the opener and what the system uses to lower and raise the door.

You also have to ensure that your installer fully balances the door as this allows both you, and the opener, to easily lift the door without excessive force or effort.

Of course, another of the “limitations” may be the cost. It is a bit pricier than the average door opener, but its advantages can offset the price difference. As an example, if you purchased a professionally installed opener, model 8355 (½ HP, belt drive), it would cost around $375 to $400. The 8500) wall‑mounted opener would be around $150 to $175 more.

If this has left you interested in finding out more, just contact us anytime at 978-342-3344. We can also give you a well-informed online quotation using our experience and expertise in the industry. Feel free to pop into our showroom and ask questions or look at the many options available. We also have a free to use Design Centre and an image gallery for those who want some inspiration.

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