June 29, 2018

Turn Your Garage into a Summer Hot Spot!

Turn your garage into a summer hot spot!

For many people, a garage is more a place to store seasonal items and protect vehicles from cold winter weather. But this is a great place to have some summer fun as well! If your garage is well insulated, it can stay cool even on very hot days, so it makes the perfect hang out spot.

Many potential Uses

In general, most people don’t want to redecorate their garage or spend time and money making it a space to hang out in. But when you take a look around with a creative eye, you’ll see the garage as a large space that is just begging to be used in new ways, such as:

  • Create a Summer Party Patio: Rather than trying to make the backyard work for summer parties, go with the garage for family reunions or block parties. With the garage door open, you have a cool area that takes advantage of the fresh air but is protected from the sun and chance of rain. Add a few comfortable seats, a radio, and a cooler, or even some wine and cheese, and you’ve got a great place to relax while you keep an eye on the kids in the yard.
  • Turn Your Garage into a Yoga or Dance Studio: Give your garage a thorough cleaning throw down a mat. Add your favorite soothing music and you’ll get a quiet spot to meditate – or play some upbeat tunes and dance. As the largest and most open space in the house, this room is ideal for exercising, moving around, and stretching.
  • Give the Teens a Place to Party: Summertime is a great time for teens to hang out together, but parents often worry about where their teens are when they are out with friends. So this year, why not turn your garage into the hotspot so you can rest easier? They’ll enjoy being able to have a more private area to hang out, listen to music, or play games, and you can enjoy knowing that they aren’t driving or getting into trouble. All you need is some comfortable seating, a radio, and possibly a TV and a game station. They can leave the garage door open if they want to skateboard or play a little basketball, and it’s easy to grab snacks from the house.
  • Turn the Garage into Birthday Party Central: If the hot weather or a rare rainy day makes an outdoor birthday hard, just use the garage! Set up a few tables and decorate the garage, and you’re good to go. You can play indoor and outdoor games, play some festive music, enjoy cake and gifts all in a shady and cool spot.

Get your garage door ready for summer

If your garage door has gone a while since its last inspection, or if it is not working as well as it should be, contact A‑1 Overhead Door Inc.. You can get your garage door ready for summer with a quick tune‑up.

If you need to give the garage door an update, request a free quotation on our website. Our Design Centre is also available, where you can find the perfect garage door for your home.


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