March 30, 2018

Tips for Choosing Garage Doors for Contemporary Homes

Tips for choosing garage doors for contemporary homes

We want our home to reflect some part of our identity, but we also want it to feel like home and be a place where we are content and comfortable. Because garage doors take up such a large part of the front of most homes, garage door manufacturers have been rethinking the look of garage doors and have come up with several new designs to better reflect personal style and visual appeal. One of the leaders in this is Garaga, a company that now has 24 different models, with 7 of them ideally suited to contemporary or modern homes.

Can you use contemporary or modern style garage doors with all architectural styles? No, not so much. But, here are some tips to help you understand the different styles of garage door available on the market, and if contemporary designs are right for your home.

What exactly is a modern or contemporary style home?

When you want to determine if a home is contemporary or modern, look at its lines. Are they clean, straight, and even sleek? Is the root flat or made of precisely sized and aligned slopes? Also, consider at the materials. Most contemporaries are a blend of stone, wood and even metal. They are also, often easy to identify for their use of darker exterior colors and much larger windows, doors and patio spaces.

If you would like to check out the work of a contemporary design icon, just explore buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright, the renowned architect. His is the name most often mentioned when speaking about modern and contemporary style houses. He inspired the classic “ranch” homes of the 1950s when he created his own Usonian design.

Standard+ Classix MIX, 9'x 8', Ice White

Ranch‑style home popularized in the 1950s

What doors does garage have for contemporary homes?

Garaga has created a series of doors that can work well with the clean horizontal and vertical lines that dominate contemporary and modern home design. Here are the styles they have available:

The Vog: designed with a deep, V‑shaped, horizontal groove, 40″ x 1 ¼” (102 x 3 cm) on each section, and uses a very understated and sleek style.

The Moderno: designed with a thin 3⁄16″ (5 mm), continuous line running the full width of the door. It comes in two style options: the 2‑Bead with each section having a line at the top and bottom, and the Multi, with equally spaced lines every 4 inches.

The Grooved: similar to Moderno, this model has a continuous horizontal line, which is 1″‑high (25mm) over the full width of the door. The number of grooves may be either 4 or 5 depending on the height of the door sections.

The Flush: considered the ultimate in sleek design, it has no embossed lines or grooves, but does offer a light woodgrain finish to give the impression of a wooden door from the 1950s.

Standard+ Vog, 9’ x 7’, Black, window layout: Left-side Harmony with Masterline windows
Standard+ Vog, 9’ x 7’, Black, window layout: Left‑side Harmony with Masterline windows
California, 9’ x 7’, White aluminum frame, Clear glass
California, 9’ x 7’, White aluminum frame, Clear glass
Standard+ Flush, 9’ x 7’, Charcoal, Azur windows
Standard+ Flush, 9’ x 7’, Charcoal, Azur windows
Standard+ Moderno Multi, 16’ x 7’, American Walnut, Soft windows
Standard+ Moderno Multi, 16’ x 7’, American Walnut, Soft windows

Hit style marks with windows

As mentioned, large areas of open space, such as oversized doors or windows are a key part of the style. Garaga also offers large windows, in the garage doors, including sizes like the 40″ x 13″ (102 x 32 cm) that can be positioned differently on the garage door sections.

Offering an enormous array of options, you can get them in clear glass, with printed designs; as stained glass to glass finished in a frosted, satin, textured or more unique look with horizontal lines.

Standard+ Classix MIX, 9'x 8', Ice White

Numerous window choices are available

Does garaga offer all glass doors?

Maybe you are going for the utmost in modernity? If so, you can have fully windowed sections. The Garaga California door features a frame of lightweight but durable aluminum and can be fitted with all of the glass types, including the clear, satin, glue chip, and even fluted polycarbonate, to tinted glass in colors ranging from blue and green to gray and bronze.

Are you eager to learn more?

If all of this seems right for you, just contact us at 1-800-409-3667. You can also pop by our showroom or request a written quotation by email with various possible choices. You can also see how the contemporary garage doors look on your property or design plan using the Design Centre or just get some inspiration in our image gallery.

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