Start With a Plan, End with the Perfect Home Office in Your Garage

How many times have you wished you had just a little more space for that home office you’ve always wanted?

If you're not using your garage for more than storage, why not convert it? You’ll get your office and won’t lose any space in the house.

Planning is the key to success.

The team at A-1 Overhead Door Systems understands better than most how much potential there is to be found in the garage. They're going to be the best choice to help you choose the ideal garage door for your design.

Installing a new garage door isn’t essential, but it’s a fun part of the process. It's still important to remember to ask the right questions, of course, to be successful in your project.

Eastman E-12, 14' x 7', Claystone door and Ice White overlays, 4 vertical lite Orion windows

You like the look? This Eastman E-12 garage door (R-16 insulated) is found in the Townships Collection, measuring 14' x 7', with a Claystone and Ice White door featuring Orion vertical lite windows (four)

Question 1 – Are You In Need of a New Garage Door?

If you’ve never replaced your garage door, or if it’s been a while and it’s starting to show its age, a replacement can improve the look of the new space and boost curb appeal.

Function matters, too. If your garage door doesn’t protect you from noise, the elements, or creatures or pests, you should consider a replacement.

Take a minute to check out your garage. Close the door and check the temperature and dampness in the space. Do you feel drafts or see a lot of evidence of pests? A new garage door can reduce these issues and increase your comfort and productivity in the office.

Garage Door Model: Standard+ Vog, 10' x 7', Black, window layout: Left-side Harmony

How about this look? Featuring left-side Harmony windows, this is the Standard + Vog with R-16 insulation and a 10’x 7’footprint, shown in black.

Question 2 - What's the Purpose of the Space?

Take a minute to make a quick list of what you want from this new space.

  • Consider your desk size. Do you want a large desk with plenty of space for work or do you prefer a smaller desk? Perhaps you want another type of arrangement entirely.
  • What about ample storage for supplies, files, books, and so forth?
  • Consider treating yourself to a cool lounge space where you can relax or entertain clients.

Home office picture - Abondant light and clean desk help getting work done

Photo credit: Unsplash

From the beginning, function should be the first thing on your mind because this will play a role in every other decision when building a garage home office.

Next, you have to decide if you want a multi-functional space.

Some people like adding a home gym or a man cave to the garage, or perhaps even a potting shed or gardening area. According to Love Property, a blog, one big conversion winner is adding loft space.

This question will make a difference in the type of garage door you choose, too. For example, check out this garage home office project complete with bike space from Decoist.

If you plan on storing things in the garage, don’t close it off or frame it in. Some storage items like garden tools will benefit from a functional garage door that makes access easy.

Question 3 - What's the Best Way to Use the Space?

Consider hiring a freelance interior designer to make the best use of your new office space.

Designers can take an idea and turn it into a vision, and then a reality.

While everyone has plenty of ideas, some people struggle with actually turning those ideas into action.

Of course, even if you hire a designer, you’ll have to make certain decisions on your own along the way.

For example, think of the flooring. Will you keep the existing concrete or cover it with epoxy, vinyl, or another material? What about area rugs or carpeting? Think primarily about the function of the space, as well as what makes you comfortable, to get the best design.

Flooring isn’t the only upgrade you can make. Think about other creature comforts and upgrades like a fresh coat of paint, new light fixtures, or even stylish custom stairs to the loft space.

Take creative to a new level. Try hanging pendant lights to add vertical visual appeal, and enhancing them with tall bookshelves and one of those cool library-style ladders.

Home office in Black & White with 3 tables made with painting trestles

Photo credit: Pixabay

Question 4 – Is it Difficult to Convert?

Style is important, but you also can’t overlook the practical things that you need to know before starting this project.

While garages are known for their humidity and dampness, professional teams like A-1 Overhead Door Systems know how to handle humidity and have the best tips for keeping it down in your garage. Insulation can help with this issue, and it also helps by maintaining temperatures.

Of course, even the best insulation won’t negate the need for a heater and air conditioner to keep the space temperate throughout the fluctuating seasons.

A garage conversion is essentially the process of making a storage area into a living space.

That may mean that it's time to make bigger changes to make sure the space is livable. Fortunately, this is still affordable and a lot easier than adding to your home. Plus, when you see the finished product, you won’t regret your choice.

Is Replacing Your Garage Door at the Top of Your List?

Contact the qualified experts at your local garage door dealer. They will be able to provide you with insight and guidance in choosing the perfect new door. Plus, for added convenience, A-1 Overhead Door Systems offers email quotation services.

If you're still not sure what to choose, our showroom will provide you with all of the inspiration that you need.

You can reach us at 978-342-3344, for questions, guidance, and more.

Want a sneak peek? Enjoy apps?

Our Design Centre is a great way to see doors on your home before you buy them, thanks to the ability to upload photos of your home. You'll have the perfect door in no time.

Still not sure where you want to go with your ideas?

There are certainly plenty of options out there. Lots of gorgeous residential garage door waiting for you here.

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