Does your garage door reflects bad on your business?

As a business owner, there are plenty of things that you need to worry about.

That’s why your garage door isn’t always at the top of your list.

But if your customers travel to your place of business, you will want to make sure that your commercial garage door projects the image you are wishing to display to the public.

Commercial garage door

In this article, we will help you analyze all of the aspects of your garage door and suggest a few solutions should you find that area lacking.

When it is all said and done, you will feel confident about what your garage door is saying to your customer base.

Choose a door that matches your style

The most important aspect of your door is that it gets the job done, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be attractive.

Most of the door design talk is saved for residential garage doors, but a commercial door can be just as attractive so that you display a dynamic image for the general public.

Garaga manufactures metal garage doors with embossed designs for the commercial business market as well as the residential market. You will find a few examples of the available choices below.

  • The Grooved model: This is the most commonly used on commercial doors. It has 1"‑high horizontal lines traversing the sections
Standard+, Grooved, 9x7, Black
Standard+, Moderno 2 beads, 9x7, Charcoal
  • The Flush model, without any design or lines on the sections
Standard+, Flush, 9x7, Ice White

If you want even more design options than what you see above, you can consider adding a vinyl decal to your garage door, which will allow you to turn it into a billboard or showcase your logo.

These decals can be created to suit any design needs that you desire, as long as they meet the regulations set down in your local area.

You don’t have to take our word for it, you can test it out for yourself at our Design Centre. You can play around with all the colors and designs, and if you want to see how your favorites will look on your own storefront, you can upload a photo for a more dynamic experience.

Don’t forget about windows!

Another thing that makes your garage door attractive is the windows!

Many businesses will opt for an all‑glass garage door in order to instill a sense of trust in their customers. For instance, car dealerships utilize this style so that the clients waiting for their vehicles can see the work being done. Plus, it gives the mechanics a lot of light to work by. Fire stations will also employ this type of door so that the public can see that the trucks are there ready and waiting for their call.

Commercial doors aren’t limited to just one type of glass, either. There are plenty of choices including clear, laminated, gray, fluted polycarbonate, glue chip, and tinted.

All in all, there are more than 25 possible choices.

All glass garage doors aren’t for everyone. Depending on the type of business, security may be an issue if the doors can so easily showcase all of the valuable goods within.

Fortunately, there are all types of configurations and sizes that can be utilized to match your garage door style to the specific needs of your business. You may only want small windows at the top of the door to let in a little light but prevent would‑be‑thieves from being able to slide through.

No matter your preference, Garaga has the commercial garage door style for you.

Ready to learn more?

If you are ready to up your business’ curb appeal, and you live in the Leominster or Gardner area, contact us now at 1-800-409-3667.

We are happy to provide you with a no‑obligation quotation by email or you can come and meet us at our showroom. Also, you can view our image gallery of commercial doors for added inspiration.

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