July 6, 2021

Which of the 3 Common Types of Commercial & Industrial Garage Doors Is Right for You?

Are you considering getting different commercial garage doors? Perhaps you are just now getting your first set of these doors. Let’s look at what you need to know before you buy.

Sectional Overhead Doors' Model: G-5000, 14'x16', Black Color, Window: 2 G-4400 sections (Full Vision) with Anodized frame and Clear glass

For homeowners, garage doors are sectional overhead doors with hinged panels that are raised and that rest parallel to the ceiling. However, that’s only one part of the category for garage doors.

When it comes to commercial, agricultural, or industrial purposes, you can find other options that meet various needs. There are options for steel, rubber, and even reinforced fabric.

#1 Overhead Sectional Doors

These are very similar to the doors that are used for residential purposes. The size of these doors can vary though. They have different sections, which are typically called panels. These are installed one on top of the other.

The main difference is how the door moves, along with the hardware it requires.

Typically, commercial buildings will have high ceilings. To ensure enough headroom for the garage door on the interior, the door moves up at the wall and then turns to the ceiling and runs parallel.

The height of the building will often determine what type of movement will be used. It could be either:

Standard: The same as with residential doors

High Lift: The door moves up along the wall before turning near the ceiling

Full Vertical Lift: These are typically used for locations where loading and unloading is required

Most sectional doors for commercial use are made using galvanized steel. Many doors are also injected with polyurethane foam. This helps to provide improved insulation and more robust makeup.

You could also opt for non-insulated garage doors. These are typically used in unheated buildings that could store machinery or other items that do not need a constant temperature.

#2 Steel Doors

These doors do not need horizontal tracks as sectional doors do. This is because they roll up over the head of the door. The sections with these doors are called slats, and they are much smaller than typical panels. The height of the slats can vary, but they are usually only around 3” high.

Rolling steel door (firewall) used to divide 2 areas in a manufacturing business.

These doors can be used in a range of ways. Often, you will find them used to create sections, within a building to create different compartments. It could be used to help reduce the amount of dust coming from one area to another.

Certain insurance companies may require that firewall doors be used to help stop a fire from spreading. Roll-up doors are often used for this. They can be rated for between 30 and 240 minutes of fire resistance.

The doors could also be used for food service counters as counter shutters. Some of these types of doors have metal grilles on them that are used in shopping centers.

Regardless of where they are used, the one thing they have in common is that they roll-up.

#3 High-Speed Roll-up Doors

These types of doors are not as common, but they can be used in a range of different industries. This includes heavy industry, warehouses, distribution centers, and in the food sector. They might be used in a refrigerated area, for example, in a location where a door should not be left open for long.

This door is unique because it can open so quickly – it can open up to 96” a second. It closes at 48” a second, so the risk of accidents and injury is lower.

High-speed vinyl door installed in a food distribution center.

The doors could be made from thick rubber, which can help to withstand impacts, or from reinforced vinyl (polyester), which is often seen in the manufacturing sector.

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